Sunday, 8 March 2009


A bit weird i know, but i wanted to choose a twisted theme. These sculptures range from shrunken heads to an obese man sitting on a bog! :D I thought id be able to link the idea of suffocation to aspects of history, african culture, angst, death (of course), mass media ( in production), and how people percieve people and objects. The reactions have been funny so far, but tell me what you think.

My interpretation of Shrunken heads

turn your head to the right.


A little latex nose there, need to stage and photograph them properly soon.

Heres a look at human suffocation, obesity. It's me inside some big clothes basically, in chlostaphobic, dirty places. Sort of production pieces, thinking of walking around ipswich init?

Gonna have some videos up soon, will need some people to give me a hand, will be fun though, any volenteers?

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