Sunday, 21 June 2009

FMP - 'The Experiment'

The show was up on wednesday 17th June, it was a great show with a mass of great work from lots of students. The thing that shocked me the most was being awarded the Victoria Davidson Award for Fine Art, which ment alot to me. Congratulations to the other award winners aswell!!


I started basing my project around aspects of suffocation and now much of my work is linked with old American horror movies such as 'The Blob' and 'Godzilla'. They are still connected through the development of my work. I wanted to create an eerie atmosphere that has been projected from my lead-in productions and sculptures, so i have used photography to express this in my final major project. There is a continuous sexual theme hidden within my sculpturesas they are created using latex condoms, but are also influenced by the female form, reproduction and consumption.

My Final Major Project Show.

This setup represents a scientific experiment, more along the lines of a 50's roswell alien autopsy. The photographs in the background show the testing taking place, the sculptures on the floor are the original creatures and the display on the operating table contain the offspring of the creatures which are being examined. There are sections of the display which suggest chaos and the madness of the operation where the creatures are escaping.

Background images (photograph of photograph - hence bad quality)

Medical table offspring.

The creatures inside the eggs themselves are randomly asembled cut up toys, everything that was consumed then mixed together i.e machinery animals and humans in one. heres how they were before...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Side Projects...

As my head tends to get clogged up with random ideas that have no relevance to what should be my main focus... i have created sculptures along the way. They are small ideas that have been jotted down into notepad form, and when i feel the need to do something different i create a 3D version.

First of all following on from the concept of suffocation i started looking at hands as they can swarm and smother espcially in the masses. So using this idea i created these monsterous limbs...


Finally touch ups of paint, and i have a sculptural collage of mutated limbs! woo!

They kinda remind me of those classic images of the 'the pit' or like the entrance to the underworld where there are tormented souls trying to grab you and stuff.

3 Months...

Hi guys and gals... it's been a long 3 months, within this time i have been working hard on my FMP for college to scrape myself into uni. As you can see i have kinda neglected my blog and it has become outdated, compared to the previous work shown.

Its 2am and i have come back from the cinema, just watched one of the funniest movies ever... 'The Hangover'... for your own sake watch it! Anyway yeah i have been itching to up date this thing so 2 in the morning seemed like the ideal time.

Ive been developing my previous work throughout my final major project also i have created some new ideas along the way.. here is a collection ive been slaving away at, comment as you wish...

Here are two pjotos of my 50's horror movie adaptation from my previous sculptures, I found that my sculptures resembled characteristics of the blob from... tah dah! 'The Blob'. So i wanted to create a 'horror humour' style scenario of my own.

I wanted to create an apocolyptic atmossphere from the scenario so i created this deformed 'blob' which is consuming the habitants of the city and is causing utter chaos. With this in mind i also wanted a funny side so I added the floresent green slime which oozes from the creases of this monster!

I have continued to research into old American Horror movies which involve stupidly large, odd villans, of which include; 'Attack of the 50ft woman', 'King Kong', the hollywood version of 'Godzilla' etc etc.


Right... here is another development which has a big part to play in my FMP. These set of 3 sculption are called 'Evolution' and follow on with the theme of my own little horror story.

They have mutated and evolved from days of terrorising the cities and consuming whatever stands in there way, they've absorbed so much that there ready to pop, and are now revealing their true colours.

Now the only way to survive is to multiply... guess what comes next...
(man i've got issues.)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Suffocation continued... Obese torsos

I wanted to expand on my theme of suffocation, so I thought about objects that surround the body, for instance clothes, skin, hair and FAT!

Excess amount of fat suffocates the body, and with this i have created abstract torsos made from a special technique i discovered, which creates this amazingly smooth look and feel. It was a very messy job but i think the hours put in payed off.

Here they are, tell me what you think...

Biit of scale with some lego! yeaha!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


A bit weird i know, but i wanted to choose a twisted theme. These sculptures range from shrunken heads to an obese man sitting on a bog! :D I thought id be able to link the idea of suffocation to aspects of history, african culture, angst, death (of course), mass media ( in production), and how people percieve people and objects. The reactions have been funny so far, but tell me what you think.

My interpretation of Shrunken heads

turn your head to the right.


A little latex nose there, need to stage and photograph them properly soon.

Heres a look at human suffocation, obesity. It's me inside some big clothes basically, in chlostaphobic, dirty places. Sort of production pieces, thinking of walking around ipswich init?

Gonna have some videos up soon, will need some people to give me a hand, will be fun though, any volenteers?

Friday, 6 February 2009

Sneeze Please

Ermm yeah... this is a sculpture I recently made for an illustration project. The theme was sneezing and yes those are areoplanes!?

Sorry forgot how to crop so im not intentionally advertising Dr Pepper.