Saturday, 20 June 2009

3 Months...

Hi guys and gals... it's been a long 3 months, within this time i have been working hard on my FMP for college to scrape myself into uni. As you can see i have kinda neglected my blog and it has become outdated, compared to the previous work shown.

Its 2am and i have come back from the cinema, just watched one of the funniest movies ever... 'The Hangover'... for your own sake watch it! Anyway yeah i have been itching to up date this thing so 2 in the morning seemed like the ideal time.

Ive been developing my previous work throughout my final major project also i have created some new ideas along the way.. here is a collection ive been slaving away at, comment as you wish...

Here are two pjotos of my 50's horror movie adaptation from my previous sculptures, I found that my sculptures resembled characteristics of the blob from... tah dah! 'The Blob'. So i wanted to create a 'horror humour' style scenario of my own.

I wanted to create an apocolyptic atmossphere from the scenario so i created this deformed 'blob' which is consuming the habitants of the city and is causing utter chaos. With this in mind i also wanted a funny side so I added the floresent green slime which oozes from the creases of this monster!

I have continued to research into old American Horror movies which involve stupidly large, odd villans, of which include; 'Attack of the 50ft woman', 'King Kong', the hollywood version of 'Godzilla' etc etc.


Right... here is another development which has a big part to play in my FMP. These set of 3 sculption are called 'Evolution' and follow on with the theme of my own little horror story.

They have mutated and evolved from days of terrorising the cities and consuming whatever stands in there way, they've absorbed so much that there ready to pop, and are now revealing their true colours.

Now the only way to survive is to multiply... guess what comes next...
(man i've got issues.)

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